ThereYet? GB

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개발자: CJS Design
1.99 USD

ThereYet is a location based alarm - it alerts you prior to arrival at your selected destinations. Do you travel frequently? Wish that you could sleep or not have to pay attention to your surroundings so you don’t miss your stop?

ThereYet comes pre-loaded with every train station, town and city in Great Britain. Simply search to add destinations!

Designed with commuters and travelers in mind, ThereYet can run in the background and trigger an alarm for selected destinations.

- Comes pre-loaded with the location of every train station, town and city in Great Britain
- Can trigger an alarm based on the distance or time from the destination
- User selectable distance and/or time for the alerts
- Background operation for continual location monitoring
- Optimized use of the GPS to maximize battery life
- Can monitor the battery level to prevent completely draining the battery
- Enters sleep mode after 10 minutes without movement to save power
- Ten built-in alert sounds or choose music from your iPod library for foreground alerts
- Displays the recent average speed and movement history
- Estimates the time of arrival at your destination
- Easily add new locations

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.